Considering the appearance of the 70mai Omni 360° claim might feel weird. But it has a motorized top that allows the camera to pan 340°, enabling it to capture everything around it. In addition to the motorized camera, it has tons of smart features, with innovative software, and hardware, making it an excellent contender in the dash cam race.

Without any further ado, let’s inspect.


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of the 70mai Omni Rotating Dash Cam.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Hands-free operation
  • AI driver assistance
  • Wi-Fi and mobile network connectivity to watch live camera stream.
  • User-Friendly app.
  • Great image quality


  • Heavy
  • Has a supercapacitor instead of battery

70mai Omni – Price

70mai Omni is not the cheapest, and the price is higher than the previous 70mai dashcam, but it provides excellent value for money considering the unique smart features and hardware it packs under the hood. The 32GB edition starts at 99$ after a heavy discount on the crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter.

70mai Omni – Unboxing

70mai Omni – Beautiful Box with a Nice Slogan

70mai Omni – Beautiful Box with a Nice Slogan

The unboxing experience was great; the camera is well-packed in beautiful packaging. I have the 32GB edition that comes with the camera, electrostatic sticker, car charger, wire, adhesive pads, pry tool, and the user manual.

Hardwire Kit

70mai also sent me one of their hardwire kit that allows you to keep the camera always on power. It is excellent for parking surveillance, as it gets trigged with sudden motions in front or inside the car.

Appearance & Build Quality

Beautiful and Strong 70mai omni

Beautiful and Strong Body

70mai Omni is not your conventional dash cam. It has a unique capsule-like appearance with a motorized and rotating top providing a 360° field of view. The lower section has a tiny 1.2-inch screen and a couple of buttons to power the camera and change some basic settings. I have the grey and piano black addition, but 70mai also offers a limited red and white edition that you can order from the link below.

The build quality of the 70mai Omni is as good as its appearance. It feels sturdy in hand and has a robust positioning mechanism and motor. Moreover, cables and car charging adapters are also solid and functional.

Hardware Specifications

  • Processor: Novatek NT96680
  • Image Sensor: Omnivision OS02K10 Image Sensor with f 1.5, 140 FOV, and up to 60 FPS video recording
  • Battery: 300mAh option for both hardwire and cigarette port charger.
  • Storage: 32GB to 128GB
  • Display: 1.2-inch IPS display
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Mobile App: 70mai mobile app
  • GPS: Yes

70mai Omni –Features

70mai Omni is among the most advanced dash cams in the industry. It is literally packed with exceptional features that make our drive safe and ensure our vehicles are secure.

The first thing is its AI; the camera is equipped with a solid AI motion detection algorithm that allows you to easily park your vehicle and record any suspicious activity after parking. Moreover, it has 20MiaX basic and scenario emoji that display on the screen depending on the situation. The glow ring around the middle section also changes color to indicate status.

Innovative ADAS

Innovative ADAS

Advanced driver assistance system provides unparalleled security to your moving vehicle. It intelligently senses the lanes and nearby objects to alert you when you change lanes or the object in front is dangerously close to you.

Convenient Voice Commands

Convenient Voice Commands

Another excellent feature is its voice commands. You can turn it left or right by simply saying left and right. Moreover, there are a few more commands like taking selfies, photos, and shooting vlogs.

The Wi-Fi feature is also quite helpful. It allows you to monitor the dashcam footage in real-time through your smartphone. The built-in GPS helps you easily track routes.

70mai Omni – Mobile App

70mai Mobile App

Functional Mobile App

70mai was already a good app, they have made some minor touch-ups, but most of it is the same as before clean interface, snappy, and no unnecessary clutter.

In terms of function, it has all of them to enhance video quality and reduce space usage. It also has valuable installation guides to make your job easier (both hardwire and USB). 70mai Omni is a modern dash cam with a mobile network or Wi-Fi that lets you live stream the footage on your mobile. It captures everything from speed, direction, and time to distance from nearby vehicles.

Overall, I really love the app; it has all the goodies with a beautiful interface and easy-to-use options.

70mai Omni – Performance

Lately, all the dash cams have generic hardware; they have the same lens and pretty much the same processor. But 70mai has brought the change by using the OmniVision image sensor, which has proven to be quite good. The image sensor support 1080p recording at 60fps and has a wide field of view of 140°.

Before using it, you have to activate the camera through the mobile app. The process can be annoying for many users. But I think it is beneficial as the mobile app has useful guides for proper installation and usage. After that, the camera will begin recording as the engine start.

Exceptional Day Light

Exceptional Day Light

The image sensor is excellent; it captures all the minute details and has a nice balance between exposure and contrast. Although it caps at 1080p still, the image quality is exceptional.

Excellent Low Light Performance

Excellent Low Light Performance

The wide lens and bright optics ensure an excellent low-light result. Bright street lights don’t overexposure the footage, and traffic signals are clear.

The thing I don’t like is the video size; with a 20mbps bitrate, it can only record 3 hours of footage on 32GB storage, which is relatively low if you are planning to go on long trips.


I really loved the dash cam; it has tons of exceptional features and is made from supreme material. But there are a couple of improvements that can be made.

  • Should have Battery instead of a supercapacitor.
  • The camera is a little bulky.


70mai Omni is an innovative, capable, and excellent-performing dash cam. It has loads of fantastic features, including GPS, hands-free operation, AI road detection, Wi-Fi, supreme build quality, superior hardware, great image quality, a snappy mobile app, and much more. All these features are perfectly executed while still keeping it in an affordable price range.

Where to Buy?

Pre-order your 70mai Omni 360 dash cam here and learn more about it on YouTube. Here is the review of another excellent 70mai dashcam.