DJI Pocket 2 Best Accessories: Case, Filters, Microphone, Tripod, Mounts and More

DJI Pocket 2 Best Accessories: Case, Filters, Microphone, Tripod, Mounts and More

DJI Pocket 2 is one of the best portable camera with a gimbal; it will fit perfectly in your pocket. The camera is not only portable but also an exceptional performer; the video quality is outstanding.

But there are things require to enhance the overall functionality and video quality of the camera. So, I have included some must-have and not so essential accessories in this article.

We are going to discuss 15 products. So, let’s dig in.

Sandisk Extreme SD Card

A fast and reliable card is an absolute necessity for a camera. Unlike GoPro, DJI doesn’t include an SD card with the camera. So, Sandisk Extreme is the one we will recommend. The brand is one of the best in the SD card market and also trusted by every big camera manufacturer.

Personally, I would prefer buying a 128GB variant because it will remind you to empty the storage occasionally. This action will keep your data save in another device in case any damage occurs to the card. You can order the card from the DJI website as well.

Do it All Handle

Do it all Handle is a DJI product. The handle is quite handy; it has ¼ -inch hole for tripod mounting. It significantly increases the functionality of the camera. On the handle, we have the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, wireless microphone receiver and a speaker. All these features, along with extended handle length, are exceptional, especially the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Before detaching the handle, press the unlock toggle down and then unplug it vertically.

Mini Control Stick

Mini Control Stick is a small yet valuable accessory. It’s another product from DJI, cost only 29$. It provides the best way to control the camera. It has a small joystick and a button. The joystick can control tilt movement, pan movement and zoom, while the button can switch between gimbal modes.

You can tune the sensitivity of the joystick through the app. Like for cinematics, you can lower the sensitivity for a smooth and steady shot, or you can increase it for fast pace sports video. It might be the smallest, but clearly, it’s one of the most useful accessory.

Vlogging Combo – 01

DJI Pocket 2 vlogging setup includes 5 products, one of which we have discussed earlier called Do it All Handle. Other products are as follows.

Triple Cold Shoe Bracket

This bracket allows you to attach light, mic and the Pocket 2 on a single tripod. The bracket from Ulanzi is practical and ease the path to a portable vlogging setup.

LED Light

Then we have the LED from Mirfak called Moin L1. It’s a small cube shape LED with a few different levels of intensity and cost only 50$. You can also control the light through a smartphone app.

Shotgun Microphone

Rode VideoMicro is the best shotgun microphone. It is compact and delivers exceptional sound quality at a rather affordable price. We also get an air filter for enhanced sound quality.


Lastly, we have the essential vlogging equipment, the tripod. So, we are using Pregear mini; it is a small, strong, and stable tripod that ensures portability.

The tripod is very simple and doesn’t have many features. So, if you are looking for a more advanced tripod, then I will leave a link to my favourite Gorillapod at the end.

Vlogging Combo – 02

You can use this combo for your vlogging setup. This setup will let you use your phone as a viewfinder.

You need three things to make this setup.

QR Plate

Small plastic or metal plate allows you to attach multiple devices on a single tripod or monopod. The QR plate in our system will hold the DJI Pocket 2 and the mobile phone.

Smartphone Holder/Bracket

Then I have the smartphone holder; you can get one for 10$ on amazon. This holder will attach to the QR plate with the help of ¼ screws, and then you can mount your phone on it.

Tripod OR Monopod

It is a personal preference; I am using a monopod because most of the application is handheld. Always buy one with a good grip.

Micro Pro 2

It is an advanced setup for videography. DJI Pocket 2 provide 3-axis stabilization, and this gimbal will add the 4th axis of stabilization. It will eliminate the wobbling and offer smooth footage with mobile phones and action cameras.

The gimbal is designed by an Australian brand Scotty Makes Stuff. The product is 3D printed; it is incredibly lightweight and robust.

Tall Tripod

I am using Rollei Traveler Carbon Fiber tripod. It is portable, lightweight and has a great ball head. It is a bit high priced, around 100$. But yes, mostly, we don’t use pocket cameras for cinematic shots, but if you use them, you can buy them from the links below.

Long-Range Monopod

Then we have a long monopod from Manfrotto. It is a compact one that can stretch up to 144cm. It is not very expensive, and you can get it from the links below for only 30$.

Lens Filter

This product is for cinematic shots. Pocket or action cams can’t shoot videos like mirrorless or DSLR cameras. So, it enhances the video we use Lens filter. Here I have the Freewell lens filter pack for DJI Pocket 2. In the box, we get four filters and a wide-angle lens.

The 99$ product is excellent and delivers excellent results.


The final product is the case; I am a big fan of BUBM. So, we have its large electronic organizer. It has plenty of room to store all the necessary and unnecessary equipment. It is featuring a double layer design for storing items of different sizes. The case is durable, shockproof, waterproof and affordable.

Final Words

Now, in the end – something really important! While most of these accessories are super cool, and you may be tempted to buy them just because they looked awesome in this video, it doesn’t mean that you really need them! Think about how you plan to use the Pocket 2, make a list with your top priorities, and opt for these accessories only, making the best sense for your usage.

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