EufyCam 3 Review: The “Forever Power” Wireless Security Camera

Security cameras are pretty much a necessity nowadays. With demand, the competition is increasing rapidly. In the diverse market, here is another camera; EufyCam 3. The latest product from Eufy security has two primary components cameras and a homebase for data storage and connectivity. The cameras can record up to 4k and have some excellent AI features to make your home secure and safe from intruders.

In this article, we will discuss everything from its strengths to the area where Eufy can improve in the next generations.

Let’s Inspect!


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of EufyCam 3.


  • Fair Pricing
  • 4K recording and live streaming.
  • Cross talk capable.
  • Solid construction.
  • Bionic Mind ensures better surveillance.
  • Handy HDD slot in Homebase 3.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Excellent battery performance.


  • Some AI features need some improvements.
  • Battery usage increases with the distance from Homebase.

EufyCam 3 – Price

Eufycam 3 Price

Fair Price

EufyCam 3 comes in a bunch of different combos or bundles. I have got the 2 camera and homebase bundle that is priced at 549$ only.

The combo is not quite expensive, but you can get up to 70$ off by using the codes mentioned at the end.

EufyCam 3 – Unboxing

Eufycam 3 Combo

Nicely Packed Eufycam 3 Combo

The unboxing experience is quite pleasant. The attention to detail is evident in the packing, with almost all the highlighting features of the product mentioned. The box’s contents are well-packed and secured firmly to avoid any damage.

In the box, we have 2 S300 cameras, Homebase 3, screw mount, screw pack, power adapter, charging cable, and QSG.

Design and Construction

Beautiful Design

Beautiful and Solid Construction

EufyCam 3 is a beautiful product and feels equally solid in the hands. The prominent aspect of the camera is the solar panel on top that allows it to work wirelessly for a long time. If you keep it inside the house, it also has a USB Type-C port hidden under the small door on the back. On front, we have the lens, microphones, motion-sensing light, and infrared sensor.

HDD slot on Home 3

Useful HDD Slot

Homebase 3 has a very similar design to the previous generation; the only difference is the magnetic plate on top. The grill easily lifts with a gentle press, revealing the 2.5-inch HDD slot. The slot is a fantastic addition as it allows you to store all the data locally without worrying about data security. The power button is on the front, while the back side has all the ports, including USB-3, USB-2, ethernet, and power ports. Moreover, the alarm button is just over these ports.

Technical Specifications

  • Image Sensor: CMOS sensor with f ¼ aperture
  • Resolution: Up to 4K
  • Battery Capacity: 13400mAh with built-in solar panel
  • Waterproof: IP67 waterproof
  • App: Eufy Security
  • Audio: Two-way audio
  • Voice Assistant: Yes, compatible with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant

EufyCam 3 – Features

Eufycam 3 Combo ContentsEufyCam 3 is an incredible product; it has many features that make it one of the best home security cameras on the market.

The first thing is the Homebase 3. It is like the heart of the combo and adds incredible value to the product. The Homebase has a built-in HDD slot allowing you to save all your data locally and protecting you from paying monthly subscription fees for cloud storage services. It can hold up to 16TB of HDD. Moreover, the connectivity allows you to live stream all the camera footage.

In addition to intelligent Homebase, the cameras are also equipped with all the innovative features. Smart Bionic Mind helps it identify faces, pets, and vehicles. You can even name pictures of frequent passers to sort the videos in the Eufy Security App easily.

In-built speakers and mic are great. The sound from both ends is very clear. There is a slight lag of around 1 second; besides that, it is an excellent feature of S330 cameras. Moreover, you can also enable speakers to turn on the alarm whenever an intruder is detected. It can be turned off via the mobile app and Homebase 3.

Lastly, the IP67 waterproof rating adds to the reliability and durability of the camera.

EufyCam 3 – Performance

As mentioned above, EufyCam 3 is among the best security cameras in the market, and one reason for this feat is its performance. It has ES330 cameras with CMOS f 1/4 image sensor. In addition to the sensor, infrared and motion detection light immensely adds to the camera’s video quality.

Daylight Video Quality

Excellent daylight Performance

EufyCam 3 can shoot up to 4K, and the video quality is the proof. All the faces and vehicles are well visible.

Eufycam 3 low light performance

Shooting in both Black and White and Color

Moreover, low light performance is even better; it has both infrared and flashlight. That lets it record low-light videos in color, unlike most security cameras on the market.

EufyCam 3 – Battery

The battery is something that makes it superior to its competitors. EufyCam 3 has a 13400mAh battery that can last a whopping year in ideal condition (300sec recording and 2 hours of sunlight per day). With enough sunlight, the solar cells can recover the used battery throughout the day.

Eufycam 3 solar charging

Solar Charging Numbers

In my testing, the camera consumed 5% to 10% of battery daily, and with half of the panel in sunlight, it recovers 1% to 2% back. So, according to my calculations, I will need to charge the battery every month, which is incredible. When used indoors, the built-in battery was able to operate the camera for 1 to 2 weeks.

The exceptional battery performance simply puts it ahead of many other products.

Eufy Security App

Eufy App

Eufy App

The Eufy Security App is the component that makes these cameras more and more functional. The app’s intelligent features and user-friendly interface significantly enhance the camera performance.

Privacy Zones Implementation

Privacy Zones Implementation

One of the best features is the privacy zone. In this, you can easily blackout areas you don’t want in the recordings. It is not in the best form as you can only select rectangles with no option to blur the hidden area. But Eufy is frequent with firmware updates, so you might see this feature enhanced in coming updates. You can also fine-tune AI motion detection, where you can choose between pets, vehicles, and humans. The battery endurance feature of the app significantly enhances the battery performance.

Moreover, the app can sort videos with various elements like the date, the face of a person, or name; you can also name a video to a specific event.

App also has the option for cloud services subscription.


  • Battery consumption increases as the distance between the camera and Homebase increases.
  • Privacy setting controls need improvement.
  • Some AI features need fine-tuning.

Final Thoughts

EufyCam 3 is one of the products that over-deliver compared to the price. Excellent software implementation, outstanding and smart features, solid hardware, and 4K recording simply exceed our expectations.

Where to Buy?

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Learn more about the camera on YouTube. Moreover, learn more about security cameras here.