Huawei Watch GT2: The Smartwatch to beat in 2020!

Huawei Watch GT2

Huawei Watch GT2: it looks amazing, and the most important is that it’s not only about the design. Huawei are setting a new standard for smartwatches, and the GT2 is the needed upgrade we all wanted to see.

It is very obvious that Huawei continue to support their fantastic metal construction, and in my opinion it now looks better and feels better. The size and thickness of the dial is not too big, but not small either, and fits well to almost any kind of wrist size. The band is very gentle to the skin, and good for wearing 24/7 – even while you are sleeping.

The computing power has also grown – using the Kirin A1 chipset, 4GB storage- and out of that user accessible are 2.2gb – space that you can utilize for music – and at average bitrate it can store around 500 tracks. Can it connect to a Bluetooth headset and play music? Yes, it can!


Mentioned the battery a few times – 455mah, lasts for 2 weeks in battery-friendly conditions; Lasts 5 days with always-on display, continuous heart rate tracking, sleep tracking and stress tracking and notifications on! If you play sports – the GPS consumes quite a lot, so does listening to music, and we may talk about 2-3 days of usage. It really depends on how much you load the watch;

Generally – without always-on display the battery life can be drastically extended. As soon as you reach 20% – it asks you to go into power-saving mode and disables the always on screen. Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO support, however no Wifi module, and no NFC.

That’s about the hardware – generally – this is impressive, and is the first smartwatch in a long time, where we can actually see good amount of development and improvements over the previous generation;

Inspecting the software:

Going through the swiping actions – left or right switches between the steps count, music control, weather info, heart-rate info; swipe down for quick toggles – similar to those on GT one – DND mode, show time – which keeps the screen on for a few minutes, find phone option, the alarm config and the settings button. The swipe up function shows the notifications., You can read, however you cannot respond. Grouping is very good, and keeps a queue of a lot of your unread messages.

There also is “contacts” section is not using feed from the contacts of the phone directly – you have to choose up to 10 contacts which are something like your favorites, and you can quickly choose to dial each one of them. Oh – and yeah – maybe I forgot to mention that you can actually make calls with the watch. Its speaker and microphone allow you to have fully functional calls – which are relayed to your phone via Bluetooth.

The smartphone app is called Health and Huawei use it for most of their non-wear os smart watches and fitness trackers, including the honor products. Clean, functional, and you can configure some watch settings from there too. You can enable or disable continuous tracking, or switch the watch face. And of course – exceptionally grouped information and statistics about sports and sleeping.