MaxFind FF Belt Electric Skateboard Review: Really Powerful!

MaxFind FF Belt Electric Skateboard Review: Really Powerful!

­Electric scooters, cycles, and skateboards are playing a vital role in reducing Carbon footprint. The technology is enhancing day by day, and here is another inclusion to the electric skateboard line-up. MaxFind FF Belt is a big 3000-watt electric board. It is a little different from many mainstream options but promises to be better.

So, our thorough inspection covers everything that matters for the daily use of the electric board.

Let’s Inspect!


In a hurry, read this short overview stating the pros and cons of the MaxFind FF Belt Electric Skateboard.


  • Fast and thrilling 45km/h top speed
  • Long-lasting fun with an 8.7Ah battery
  • Great value for the money
  • Durable and flexible construction
  • Intelligent design and hot-swappable battery
  • IP65 water resistant


  • The wheels are big but not much soft.
  • Belts need servicing
  • Freeride is quite a workout because of belt-driven motors.

MaxFind FF Belt – Price

MaxFInd FF Belt Price

MaxFind FF Belt is a part of MaxFind’s high-performance series. It is launched at 799$, which is quite good considering the quality and performance of the electric board.

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MaxFind FF Belt – Unboxing

MaxFind FF Belt UnboxingThe unboxing experience is very good; the board is well-packed. There are two layers of cardboard and extra foam layers to ensure 100% safety.

In the box, we have the electric board with a little leaflet of to-do tasks and welcome message, a user guide, charger, remote control, and some necessary tools.

Appearance and Build Quality

MaxFind FF Belt AppearanceMaxFind FF Belt looks stunning out of the box. The wheels are big and thick, and we can see the double kingpin trucks underneath. The deck is rather wide and houses all the electronics. Its shape is a little weird, and the edges are slightly higher than the board level. Overall, the board is pretty good; it has solid and flexible PPS and fiberglass construction. That may look weak, but it is among the most durable electric board I have ever tried.

The wheels are big and comfortable, and the design and pattern appear to be inspired by the famous cloud wheel.

Moreover, the board has a convenient handle. Another thing I absolutely loved about MaxFind FF Belt is the battery flap, which allows you to easily swap the battery without any tool.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: Two 1500-watts producing 7nm torque each.
  • Battery: Samsung 12S3P 8.7Ah
  • System: HobbyWing3.0 FOC Esc
  • Top Speed: 45km/h
  • Battery Endurance: 40km
  • Speed Modes: 4 Speed modes
  • Wheel Size: 105mm
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Max Load: 100kg
  • Waterproof: IP65 waterproof rated

MaxFind FF Belt – Motor

MaxFind FF Belt 1500watt motor

1500-watt Belt-Driven Motor

MaxFind FF Belt is a solid electric skateboard. It has two belt driven 1500-watt motors producing a solid 7nm torque each and a top speed of 45km/h. The board has four gears that can be controlled via a remote.

It has a lot more to offer than what most people can imagine. The acceleration is exceptional, and the board quickly reaches the top speed. Moreover, the slopes are not a problem for this board. It can easily climb on 35% slopes.

The only drawback of the belt-driven motor is the noise. The board can get noisier at higher speeds, so you may require regular servicing. Also, when the battery runs out, you will have to put much more power into a freeride than an average skateboard.

Lastly, the acceleration is really sharp, so better start with a smaller gear until you get a firm grip on controls and balance.

MaxFind FF Belt – Battery

MaxFind FF Belt Swappable Battery Hot Swapable Battery

MaxFind FF Belt does not let the thrill end up soon. It has a big 8.7Ah battery that allows you to thoroughly enjoy a fast ride for over 30km at high speed, which increases considerably when you ride it with smooth acceleration and moderate speed.

The board’s design and the battery choice are very smart decisions from MaxFind. It has a hot-swappable battery placed under a removable cover. The batteries are not cheap, but if you can salvage one at a lower price, you can go for really long and fast rides.

Riding Experience

MaxFind FF Belt Cloud Wheels

105mm Cloud Wheel

As far as comfort goes, MaxFind FF Belt is somewhere in the middle. It has big 105mm replicas of cloud wheels. They are big, have an excellent road grip, and provide a comfortable ride, but you might feel a slight vibration on bumpy roads.

MaxFind FF Belt Flexible BoardThe board is also expansive and super flexible. The deck is made of premium quality fiberglass and houses all the electronics while providing a stable and comfortable ride. A small annoying thing is the elevated corners. They might help some people in turning but are not suited for my big feet.

MaxFind FF Belt Double Kingpin TrucksDouble kingpin trucks are another excellent addition. They offer a sensible caving experience, but for an amateur, the turning radius will be quite big, but with practice, you can learn to take sharp turns on MaxFind Belt FF.

But overall, it is a well-balanced and comfortable electric skateboard.


  • The motor’s brush servicing is kind of hard.
  • Wheels are not very soft.
  • No smartphone app.
  • Belts may need regular servicing.


MaxFind FF Belt is a decent electric board for what it offers. The board is not exceptionally great at anything but the balance between excellent motor, great endurance, and comfort makes it a superior product. It sorts of over delivers, considering the price of the board.

Where to Buy?

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