Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra Review: Wear OS Finest Smart Watch?

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra

The best from Ticwatch has now an Ultra version. Ticwatch Pro 3 with Wear OS is back stronger than ever. But is it the right step forward?

Let’s inspect!


In a hurry, you can review a brief introduction on the pros and cons.


  • Price is not much higher as the performance is unparalleled.
  • Long-time battery timing is superior to the series.
  • Waterproof quality is incredible and tremendous.
  • Design is sophisticated, lovely and elegant.
  • Matchless features and many helpful health sensors.


  • Lack of accessible files transfer
  • Miscounting of several sensors like Blood pressure and sleep sensors
  • The price is higher as compared to the previously released devices.

Releasing experience

Ticwatch Pro 3 was released almost a year ago. And we are making this video at the end of 2021. It means this experience can be a sensational and exciting one. Ticwatch Pro 3, the device name,  seems to be a somewhat strange name. However, It is an excellent addition to the series because It is an updated and refined version.

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra; Price

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra Price

Pricing is a critical factor for buying any device. It makes one either fit or unfit for the purchase. Its price is about 350 dollars, only 50 dollars more than the previous devices. Pricing is affordable due to its feature superiority over others. The device has powerful hardware as well as software performance. The device is good at software functionality, and the design is worthy of appreciation; the design is sophisticated and decent.

Ticwatch Pro 3 Utra; Unboxing

Unboxing is a smile-bringing aspect of the inspection. This activity awards the audience an instant opportunity to watch and modify the choice accordingly. Furthermore, Unboxing gives a great deal of joy because every unboxing contains a fresh experience and a thrilling moment for the viewers.

Design and shape

The design is fantastic as compared to the predecessor. The shape is startling but elegant and engaging. The glass is levelled with Bezel. The watch feels pretty good when one touches it from the side. But, the surprising thing is the 20mm strap which is very strange to the precious one. It does not make a big difference, but it can repel colourful-strap-liking buyers.

Furthermore, the bottom side is satisfactory. This area directly comes in your wrist contact. That is why the bottom side must be engaging and absorbing. Otherwise, the shape can be uninteresting.

Overall the shape and look are gorgeous and glamorous.


  • Specifications and features play a core role in making a choice.
  • The device has a 1.4Inch dual-display setup, colourful AMOLED
  • Snapdragon 4100 SoC,
  • I GB Ram,8GB storage
  • A host of health-tracking sensors
  • 577mAh battery
  • GPS, NFC,
  • Wifi Bluetooth 5,
  • IP68 certification and Military grade standard;41 grams.
  • In hardware, the device has a snapdragon 4100 and 4100+
  • The hardware maintains a low energy mode for running AOD for most brands. This feature dramatically boosts the smoother experience.

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra Specifications

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra; Health trackers

Presently, health trackers are critical to stabilizing one’s health position. Technological use remarkably consolidates the health sensors’ performance. Thereby, the latest technologies have been used in the device. Most importantly, Mobvoi has exercised a big focus on health tracking features. Consequently, the device includes remarkable sensors like the HR PPG monitor, Sp02 tracker, low latency off-body sensor and the usual- Gyroscope and accelerometer.

The eminent list does not end here. Moreover, the device also has a barometer and compass for better data comprehension. In addition to this, this device has mental fatigue and Energy level health. These sensors are essential to improve health performance. It demonstrates that Mobvoi is super serious about health safety. Furthermore, the sensors’ analysis and assessment are satisfactory and almost accurate.

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra Health Tracking

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra; Battery Timing

The device has a long-lived battery. Battery timing is sound and abiding. It can constantly work for 2 to 3 days with a single charge. This all is possible because its screen is low power consuming. Owing to this, the screen does not consume much battery, unlike other devices in the series. Moreover, the battery quality distinguishes the device from others. For instance, If we compare this device with Galaxy Watch 4 . This device beats it easily.

Speaker and Microphone 

Flawless calls and music playback are the dire needs of any user. Thus, speakers and microphones should be robust. Such a mixture significantly enhances the popularity of devices. The device has impressive performance in speakers and microphones. Its sound quality is better and genuine.

Apart from this, the button setup is impressive and up to need. It allows one to make a robust grip over the device. The upper button leads you toward the app launcher. And by pressing the home button, you will access Google. Assistant.

Furthermore, another button depends on your intention and need. So you can set any desired aspect there. Moreover, the Speech to text engine is a fascinating tool. Apart from this, the device has Emoji set up as well. So one can easily make its usage.

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra; Waterproof components

Waterproof watches are widely popular among users. Most swimmers keenly prefer such watches to others. Tic Watch Pro 3 is terrific in waterproof quality. It does not have any issue with the water amount.

Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra; Drawbacks

  • If the existing setting works on US units, the device can not be switched to Celsius.
  • The device dramatically lacks a shortcut path to previous apps. It means the user can not open the used apps immediately after closing them.
  • HR and Sleeping tracking performance are very deplorable. Their count is a little bit faulty and inaccurate.
  • Lastly, The device is not helpful to transfer the photos and audio files like other devices.

Final Verdict

Like other watches, the watch has few shortcomings, But overall, the device is durable, excellent and admirable. Moreover, its performance is exceptional and incredible in every aspect. Therefore, I enormously like the device and encourage others as well.

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Where to Buy

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