Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro vs. Xiaomi Smart Band 7: Which is Best for You?

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro vs. Xiaomi Smart Band 7: Which is Best for You?

The latest variant of the Xiaomi Smart Band series is here. The Smart Band 7 also has a Pro Edition. These latest fitness trackers from Xiaomi look pretty appealing. So, here is the 7-stage assessment to help you choose the right fitness tracker for yourself.

Let’s Inspect!


Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro Xiaomi Smart Band 7
Display 1.64-inch AMOLED Touch Screen, 280x456p, 326PPI, 500nits max brightness 1.62-inch AMOLED Touch Screen, 192x490p, 326PPI, 500nits max brightness
Body Plastic Body, Tampered Glass Screen, Textured Silicon Strap Plastic Body, Tampered Glass Screen, Silicon Strap
Weight 20.5 grams without strap 13.5 grams without strap
Battery 235mAh 180mAh
Sensors Heart Rate Sensor (with Blood Oxygen Sensor), Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Ambient Light Sensor Heart Rate Sensor (with Blood Oxygen Sensor), Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Ambient Light Sensor
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2 BLE Bluetooth 5.2BLE
Waterproof 5ATM water Resistant 5ATM Water Resistant



Design and Build Quality

 Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro vs. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 DesignLet’s start with the regular Xiaomi Smart Band 7. It rocks the trademark rounded shape of the Mi Smart Band series. It looks sleek and stylish and is made from very durable material. Moreover, the strap also adds a secondary layer of security as the band holds it firmly from all four sides. The locking mechanism is the same button one that gets unbuttoned quite easily. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is the one that really looks like a fitness tracker.

The Pro version has a different design; it doesn’t look like a traditional fitness tracker. I feel Xiaomi has taken inspiration from the Amazfit Bip and Amazfit GTS Mini-series for the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro design. The band has a wider screen and a safer strapping mechanism.

In addition to the difference, both smart bands are made from durable material and have tempered glass tops with anti-fingerprint coating.

Xiaomi has engaged two different visions to create these excellent devices. This is why they are fundamentally different from each other. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 has a compact look and feel, but the pro one has a better design and a safer buckle, making it a winner of this round.

Mi Smart Band 7 Pro vs Mi Smart Band 7 – Display

Mi Band 7 DisplayThe next big thing is the screen. As mentioned, Mi Band 7 has a traditional rounded screen, while Smart Band 7 Pro has a rectangular display. Despite different designs, both bands have the same pixel density, 500nits peak brightness, same kind of tampered glass protection. The only difference is the 0.02-inch screen size.

Mi Band 7 Pro ScreenBoth smart bands have very similar specs, but in terms of usability, the difference is vast. Due to the wider screen, Mi Band 7 Pro can accommodate much more information, main cards are much more detailed, text from messages, and better visibility. In short, it enhances the overall interaction with the UI.

Both of them have excellent screens, but because of better usability and bigger size, Mi Smart Band 7 Pro is a better fitness tracker.

Mi Band 7 Pro vs Mi Band 7 – Battery Performance

Battery performance is an interesting factor. The Smart Band 7 has a 180mAh battery compared to the 235mAh battery of the Mi Band 7 Pro. According to Xiaomi, the regular Band 7 will last two days longer per charge. But both of them deliver very similar results in my testing. It is essential to take into account the GPS. It consumes a significant amount of power, affecting the overall battery performance.

Both smart bands have shown almost similar results, but if you really want to use all the possible features of the fitness tracker, the one that will last longer will be Mi Band 7.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro vs Xiaomi Smart Band 7 – Features

The stage that will define the difference between regular and pro addition is the features. Mi Band 7 Pro was initially launched in the Chinese market with GPS and NFC. I have got my hands on the Chinese pro version; the GPS and NFC performance outside China was quite bad.

Xiaomi Band 7 Pro GPSThe global version also has GPS implementation, and it did not disappoint. The tracking works great for outdoor training sessions, walks, and workouts, and the connection was much more stable than the Chinese version. The Mi Smart Band 7 Pro global version does not have NFC.

The rest of the features are similar to Smart Band 7, like heart rate tracking, SpO2 tracking, stress and sleep tracking, and multiple workouts. And productivity apps, including alarm, calendar, weather forecast, etc. There is no option to add third-party apps; hardware specifications and processor performance are also similar.

But the one feature that made the difference is GPS. It is a highly beneficial and practical feature that makes Mi Smart Band 7 Pro a clear winner.

Smartphone Apps

Mi Fitness AppThis round is a definite tie as both fitness trackers use the same app, “Mi Fitness.” It is a great app to control, configure and extract the most information from your Xiaomi fitness tracker. It has everything; if you need an overview of a workout session, go to the charts and read all the details. They are not as thorough as it is with other capable wearables. Want to add a different style, just pick one watch face out of hundreds of available options.

Mi Band 7 Pro vs Mi Band 7 – Accessories

Accessories for Xiaomi Bands are always available in abundance. Especially for traditional Mi Bands. Mi Band 7 has tons of accessories, including straps, screen protectors, and a bunch of other crazy appealing decorations. Xiaomi has tried to compensate by offering a couple of extra bands in some regions, but still, Mi smart Band 7 is a clear winner in this regard.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro vs Xiaomi Smart Band 7 – Price

Price is another crucial factor, and the winner of this round is obvious as we all know, Pro versions are always expensive. Mi Band 7 costs around 50$, while the pro version has a significant difference of 30$.


The results are very close, both fitness trackers are great, but we all know that Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro is more capable than the Mi Band 7 because of its widescreen, easy navigation, GPS integration, and much more. Both are excellent at fitness tracking and recording tons of health data and details about sports activities.

So, which is your favorite fitness tracker among these two? Let us know in the comments.

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