Xiaomi Viomi V3

Viomi V3: A decent upgrade over V2 Pro

Xiaomi Viomi V3Viomi V3: Overview

Viomi’s V3 is a vacuum robot by Xiaomi that has two subsidiaries competing under the same category, Roborock and Viomi. Viomi V3 is an entirely new generation and a decent upgrade over Viomi V2 Pro, which I have reviewed in my video (Viomi V2 Pro)

Side by side comparisonIt is smart, powerful, costs about $470, a $100 bump from the previous generation, and has a suction power of 2600pa. Let’s get a look at this vacuum robot to learn about its capabilities and check it out in real life.

Viomi V3: Unboxing

Viomi V3 UnboxingThe unboxing experience is great, and everything is well-packed, with the box weighing up to 7kg because of the vacuum cleaner and accessories coming with it. It comes in black, and while unboxing, the most prominent thing is the vacuum itself because of its huge size.

Viomi V3 AccessoriesThe accessories included are a charging dock, water tank, garbage can, the 2-in-1 water tank, the side brush with an additional one for replacement included and sterilizing mop, which Viomi has included to keep the environment bacteria-free.

Viomi V3: Specifications and Features

Viomi V3 FeaturesViomi V3 comes with a suction power of 2600pa which is relatively high in this price category, and this is four times more than what was considered good 3 to 4 years ago.

In addition, it has a battery capacity of 4900mah which can last two and half hours with non-stop cleaning.

Viomi V3 Three Bins

A 550ml water tank and a 550ml dust box with an upgrade y-axis mopping system are two of three options. Wi-Fi, Maps and an upgraded LDS system with a dynamic AI algorithm are included in the vacuum robot.

Viomi V3 In-built partsViomi has used made in Japan parts in its robot, including wear-resistant wheels, Radar chip and Motor. Although Viomi has not included a moisture pad, the micro precision electric pump won’t allow any leaks. It is good for wooden floors vulnerable to soaking water.

Sterilizing mop and HEPA FilterV3 has a very useful component, HEPA filter, which uses silver-copper ion anti-toxic material that can kill up to 99% of bacteria along with a disposable sterilizing rag.

Furthermore, it gives you multiple options such as strictly dry cleaning, dedicated wet mopping, or 2-in-1 using the hybrid box.

Viomi V3: Performance and Software

Viomi V3 PerformanceWhile its predecessor had a problem with dry cleaning, V3 shows no sign of it, and the floor was in very good condition in a single run.

It has a very effective algorithm, and can climb up-to 2 centimeters. Despite no carpet boost, V3 can clean heavy-duty carpets such as Ikea’s without problems.

Viomi V3 Y-Mopping 2.0Wet mopping is efficient because of y-axis movements; these mimic the real-life back and forth movement while cleaning with a mop.

Viomi V3 Smartphone AppV3’s in-built Wi-Fi module allows it to connect to an application, Mi Home App, easy to set up, and Roborock device owners will be familiar with this experience.

V3 supports multiple maps and you can schedule cleaning cycles via the app. You can take advantage of all the customizations and configurations in this app.

It is a cloud-based service, as soon as you connect your robot to your home Wi-Fi, it can be accessed from any part of the world using the app.

Viomi V3: Summary

Viomi V3 SummaryIn the end, I would like to highlight the drawbacks that I found in this device, though not that significant, and I have already mentioned the lack of carpet detection. It also lacks LEDs, and it has slightly higher noise compared to other 2020 vacuum robots.

Viomi V3 DrawbacksIt doesn’t have a remote, and it also doesn’t have the biggest battery in the market, but it outlasts its previous generation with all the optimizations.

Viomi V3 brushesIn my humble opinion, as of August 2020, this is the best vacuum robot in a price range of up to 700 dollars, and the V3 being of $470 indicates Viomi’s tremendous efforts in paying attention to the feedback of their community and carrying out innovations with it.

One of the biggest questions remains about how good their support is? The way I see it is that it is getting a more substantial presence on Amazon. By the look of it, I think it is indeed a brilliant choice for a smart home appliance upgrade.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Viomi V3 from different websites such as Amazon, Mi’s own store and Ali Express etc.

Here is the link to Ali Express and you can also watch the video on Youtube.

You can explore more of the gadgets over here.